Sewickley Heights Manor is located in Aleppo Township, which is 1.63 square miles and is located about 10 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. The Township was incorporated in 1876. Aleppo’s topography and mix of housing styles gives the Township a small town feel, while its proximity to I-79 and Ohio River Boulevard allow residents quick and easy access to the city and surrounding conveniences. Website: http://aleppotownship.com/

    SHMA curbside trash and recyclable collection is performed by the Waste Management Company under a contract with Aleppo Township. Accordingly, calls about trash collection should be directed to Aleppo Township rather than the Manor Office.


    Tuesday is the normal trash service day, with recyclable collection added every other Tuesday. If a holiday falls one day before Tuesday, service will be one day later. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be no change in service.


    2021 Waste Management Schedule


    Aleppo Township is served by the Ohio Township Police Department. If you have an emergency, please call 911. 


    The police administrative office can be reached at 412-259-8305.

    Aleppo Township is served by the Aleppo Township Volunteer Fire Company. If you have a fire emergency, please call 911.


    The ATVFC office can be reached at 412-741-FIRE (3473).


    Alleppo Township