• Information Needed

    We are compiling an "emergency contact" database for our SHMH community, and are therefore asking for every household's email address and cell phone number in order to email and/or text residents in the event of an emergency or urgent need to contact you. If you do NOT have a cell phone, please provide your landline number and note that it is a landline in your response. Please contact Susan with your information via email (shmha@verizon.net) or phone (412-741-8563). Please know that you will not be contacted via this system for anything other than urgent or emergency circumstances.


    SHMHA Regulations Governing Signs

    (excerpted from Sewickley Heights Manor

    Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)

    Art XI Use Restrictions-General Regulations, Sec 1 Use Restrictions , Item (i) Signs

    and from General Regulations Governing Buildings and Grounds, No. 17. Signs)


    No sign, lettering or numbering of any kind shall be affixed to or displayed on any lot or Unit, except for:


    (a) One (1) professional sign of not more than one (1) square foot for security purposes


    (b) One (1) sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising the Unit for sale or rent, for display in a single window of the unit


    (c) Signs used by the Developer to advertise Lots or Units during the construction and sakes period


    (d) Unit or house numbering approved and provided by the Board of Directors


    For purposes of this paragraph, and the exceptions noted, illuminated signs, lettering or numbering are prohibited.






    Memorial Tree Policy

    The Board of Directors has developed and approved a memorial tree program for Sewickley Heights Manor. The program will allow residents to purchase a tree that will stand in memory or in honor of a loved one. These trees will also help to beautify our neighborhood with desirable trees, as many of our existing trees are becoming unsafe, diseased or simply past their prime. The cost of the tree and a memorial plaque, as well as watering, will be the responsibility of the homeowner,

    and the Manor staff will position, plant and mulch a 2" radius around the trunk.


    The Policy details are here.

    Landscape Request form here.