• Important Changes for 2018

    The SHMHA Board of Directors recently voted to make two major changes in our neighborhood:


    Beginning with the summer of 2018, we will no longer employ lifeguards at the SHMHA pool. Obviously, this requires additional important changes, summarized here. Please review our revised pool rules and regulations very carefully for more detailed information. The lifeguard job description included various responsibilities regarding pool operations, and those will be covered in different ways. Of course, we’ll require new signage in and around the pool, which informs members and guests that no lifeguards are present. We’ll recruit and hire for positions that open/monitor/close during pool hours. Perhaps more significantly, we purchased and installed upgraded equipment that checks and adjusts the chemicals throughout the day. Allegheny County requires a water chemicals check every two hours during pool hours; the new equipment is very helpful in that regard and also provides us with relevant reports. The minimum age for unaccompanied minors at the pool is now raised to 14.

    This is new territory for SHMHA, and there will most certainly be bumps along the way. Please be aware and patient as we work our way through this summer. Please carefully read the new pool rules and regs and keep it handy.



    Additionally, and also beginning in 2018, some of the landscape duties for the Manor will be contracted rather than performed by SHMHA staff. These duties include grass cutting and leaf removal, and, for 2018, Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company, the current contractor for Ridge, will be responsible for these tasks. Again, this is completely new for SHMHA, and there will undoubtedly be issues that will need to be addressed along the way.

    Please be patient as we work through this landscaping change.