• Committees and Policies

    Below is a list of each of the SHMHA committees and Chairpersons. Below that, you will find more details on each of the committees, including any updates and special messages, documents and forms which you may need to complete for any special requests. If you are planning landscape or architectural changes, these plans, together with the appropriate forms, must be first submitted to the Manor office for committee review and approval before work begins.


    Please consider serving on one of the committees by contacting the Manor office. Questions or concerns should be addressed by contacting the Manor office through the form at the bottom of this page. Your request will be directed to the appropriate committee from there should it require additional attention.


    Tim Miller, Chair


    David Borkovic, Chair


    Norm Diebold, Treasurer


    Craig Wynn, Chair


    Tim Miller, Chair


    Peter Cady, Chair


    Dan Telep, Chair


    Chair TBD


    Below is a list of the Sewickley Heights Manor Homes Association Committees.  You will find committee activity updates by downloading the latest newsletter from the newsletter section above.



    Tim Miller, Chair


    Sewickley Heights Manor is a planned residential community with an integrated design of buildings, grounds and roadways. Property values and attractiveness of the Manor depend on maintaining architectural continuity throughout the community. Architectural control is necessary to keep structural changes in harmony with surrounding structures and topography. Plans for for any exterior changes or additions must be submitted in writing and approved within 60 days by the Board of Directors or the Architectural Control Committee. Please refer to the General Regulations Governing Buildings and Grounds. Use the Architectural Control Form appearing below. 

    Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the regulations governing our buildings and grounds (RIDGE). If you have any request for changes, please fill out the attached form REQUEST FOR ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW

    Regulations governing buldings and grounds in the Manor are governed by the Declaration of Covents, Conditions and Restictions. Scroll down to the Policies section to download a copy..


    If you have any request for architectural changes, please fill out the form linked below.



    Norm Diebold, Chair

    The Finance Committee reviews all financial statements and budgets and helps determine the use of funds.


    Craig Wynn, (Manor)

    Tim Miller, Chair (Ridge)

    Owners may make landscape changes to their lots provided they assume responsibility for maintenance and landscape plans are submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors or the appropriate Landscaping Committee. Use the Landscaping Control Form below.

    Landscape (Manor)

    Manor landscaping for common area maintenance is performed by contractors and in-house staff.


    Contracted services include grass cutting, lawn fertilization, large or difficult tree removal, and other tasks that may be too large for to be performed in-house.


    In-house services included trimming, reseeding and, rock bed maintenance, retaining wall maintenance and replacement and tree planting, trimming and removal.




    Article X, Section 4 of the First Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions reads as follows: “Unit owners may create garden plots for flowers, shrubs and trees on their own lot (common property) or on adjoining common property provided that a plan for such garden plot is submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors or its designated committee and further provided that all unit owners planting such garden plots shall be responsible for the maintenance of the garden including weeding and mulching, trimming of perennial plants and the removal of annual plants at the end of the growing season.”


    If you wish to make any changes to your landscaping, lease submit the REQUEST TO ALTER EXISTING LANDSCAPE ON COMMON PROPERTY.

    Landscape (Ridge)

    The Ridge Landscaping Committee is chaired by Tim Miller. The landscaping in The Ridge is performed by Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company from about mid-March until early-December. Services include maintaining lawns, pruning shrubs, mulching, weed control and leaf collection.


    Peter Cady, Chair

    Maintenance of your unit is essential to avoid costly repairs and protect its value


    Dan Telep, Chair


    Office Manager Susan Moran

    Operations Manager Bob Merriman

    Maintenance Assistant Cameron Connifey





    The CC&Rs govern what an owner may, may not, or must do with respect to the real estate. In them, you'll typically find things like a description of the property covered by the CC&Rs, language establishing the homeowners association, a protocol for levying annual and special assessments for common expenses, and a description of the common areas and amenities. Covenants regulate what property owners in a particular area can or cannot do with their property. When a geographically-restricted group of homeowners are bound by neighborhood covenants, individual homeowners are better insulated from the possibility that one errant homeowner will bring down the value of surrounding properties because of the appearance of his or her property. Covenants ostensibly ensure that a residential area will remain a desirable one to live in; that the properties contained therein will retain their value; and that, in return for some minor sacrifices, homeowners will be able to better enjoy their own properties.

    The policy committee reviews and updates existing policies and creates new policies as required.

    A Homeowner Association (HOA), typically set up as a nonprofit corporation, is an organization established to manage a private, planned community. Like other corporations, the HOA is governed by a board of directors (who are elected by the members) and a set of rules called bylaws. The bylaws govern how the HOA operates and contain the information needed to run the HOA as a business. For example, the bylaws cover matters such as:

    • how often the HOA holds meetings
    • how the meetings are conducted
    • the duties of the various offices of the board of directors
    • how many people are on the board, and
    • membership voting rights.

    The Association levies assessments to promote the health, safety and maintenance of our community. Assessments are due on the first day of January, April, July and October of each year. It is important for residents to understand Association assessment policy and collection procedures to avoid late fees, interest and other costs and attorney fees.

    The Association has specific procedures to follow to address complaints about alleged violations of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Bylaws or General Regulations. Complaints must be submitted in writing to begin the resolution process. This establishes a written record for follow-up purposes and allows the Board of Directors to give the matters its full attention at regular monthly meetings. Policy for addressing the Board of Directors.

    As of May 1 , 2016 the board instituted a new policy for dumpster and bagster use in Association common areas. Please note that dumpsters and bagsters are permitted for use only for a short period of time.



    Dogs, cats or other household pets my be kept in the units, subject to the Association rules and regulations. Pets must be leashed when outside. Please be mindful of your neighbors. Clean up your dog's waste and do not allow your dog to urinate on your neighbors' plantings

    Sewickley Heights Manor-owned streets, driveways and walks will be cleared by Manor staff according to this policy:


    Aleppo Township roads:  Sewickley Heights Drive, Rockledge Drive, Sewickley Ridge Drive, Sewickley Ridge Circle, and Sewickley Ridge Court are all Aleppo Township roads and will be cleared by the Township. If you have a problem with Township roads, call them at 412-741-6555.


    SHMHA owned roads: Snow removal happens when Aleppo Township or the Ohio Township Police Department notifies the Manor that snow removal and/or road salting is necessary.


    There are over 316 driveways and over 200 sidewalks so please be patient. Please do not park in Visitor” parking when snow is forecast as these need to be cleared as part of the Road work.


    The priority for snow removal is as follows:


    1. Manor owned roads are the priority. If snow/ice continues, the roads may be plowed and/or salted as needed.


    2. Driveways in the Manor and Ridge are cleared when there is at least a 2” accumulation and there is no forecast for additional accumulation or melting in the next 24 hours. If you have a car parked in your driveway, it will be skipped. We do not hand shovel driveways.


    3. Sidewalks and steps will be cleared after the snow has stopped falling, there is at least a 2” accumulation, and there is no forecast for additional accumulation or melting in the next 24 hours. They will not be cleared on weekends or holidays. Extreme weather conditions may affect these efforts.


    Special Needs:   If you have a condition/situation that requires early snow removal, please contact the SHMHA office to alert us so that we can put you on the priority list and we will attempt to meet your needs.



    Hope Harris, Chair

    Swimming pool, tennis courts and other recreation at the manor is addressed through the Recreation Committee.




    The pool is open daily, 10:00 am - 8:00 PM, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.


    All residents and their guests must conform to our pool rules and regulations to promote a pleasant and safe experience.


    All residents must register each year to use the pool. Registration forms are typically sent out in May. We ask that each resident submit the Registration Form to the Manor office promptly.




    The purpose of the Sewickley Heights Manor Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations is to promote a pleasant and safe pool atmosphere for all residents and their guests. It is the responsibility of all residents to be familiar with and abide by these Rules and Regulations and see that their guests do the same. A "resident" is defined as a person who resides in a unit. An "adult" is defined as a person over 18 years of age.



    Tennis Anyone?



    Play is normally on a first-come, first-served basis. During times of heavy play, sign-up sheets located on bulletin boards within each court should be used. Playing time is one hour for singles and two hours for doubles.


    Our court rules and regulations promote a pleasant and safe experience for residents and guests.




    The purpose of the Sewickley Heights Manor Rules and Regulations Governing Play on Tennis Courts is to promote pleasant and safe tennis court use for all residents and their guests. It is the responsibility of all residents to be familiar with and abide by these Rules and Regulations and see to it that their guests do the same. A “resident” is defined as a person that physically resides in a unit. An “adult” is defined as a person over 18 years of age. For a complete list of Tennis Court Rules, please refer to the RULES GOVERNING PLAY ON TENNIS COURTS.


    Pickleball, Anyone?


    The fastest growing sport in America is a fun, fast moving, sweet sport with a sour name: Pickleball. Manor and Ridge residents now can enjoy this game, a crazy combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong, on the tennis court near the pool. It’s been configured to make Pickleball play there possible. Try it once, and you’ll be hooked.


    The game does have quirky rules. For the uninitiated, please check out this short video about the origins of pickleball.


    Policy for Addressing the Board of Directors


    Residents are always welcome to address the all-volunteer Board of Directors at the monthly business meetings. As the Board has much work to accomplish at the meetings, it is imperative to keep the meeting organized and on schedule. Therefore, the Board has established the following guidelines:


    Residents intending to attend must notify the Board, in writing to the Manor office, at least one week in advance of the meeting date so as to be included on the agenda.

    • The written notification must include specifics regarding the issue to be discussed, along with any supporting photos or data. Advance information will allow the Board the option to research the problem and possible solutions prior to the meeting, which may facilitate decision making.
    • The Board will schedule 15 minutes per resident presentation. All discussions will take place behind closed doors, as the subject matter is often sensitive. The 15 minute window will allow for questions and discussion and will be timed and enforced.
    • If time permits, the Board will discuss the presentation following the resident's departure from the meeting.
    • If a decision is required, the resident will be notified in writing following the Board's discussion.