• Board of Directors

    Judy Haluka, President

    Sally Shipley, Vice President

    Cathy Cartieri, Treasurer

    Len Kinter, Secretary

    Tom Corbett

    Ruth Darragh

    Tim Miller


    Office Manager, Susan Moran

    Operations Manager, Bob Merriman

    Maintenance Assistant, Jesse Jankowski

  • December, 2018

    It's December, and, ready or not, the holidays are coming soon!

     Please check out the SHMHA Outdoor Decorating Policy for reference as you prepare your home for the festive season.


    The snowy season is also upon us.

    The SHMHA Snow Removal is listed below, following the Outdoor Decorating Policy.

    December Board Meeting

    December 10, 2018

    Budget Meeting with Residents prior to business meeting

    7 PM, Aleppo Township Fire Station

    Sewickley Heights Manor Homes Association

    Outdoor Decorating Policy

    Sewickley Heights Manor is a planned residential community with an integrated design of Tudor-style buildings, grounds and roadways. Property values and attractiveness of the Manor depend on maintaining architectural and landscape continuity throughout the community. Outdoor decorations greatly influence this continuity and shall be monitored jointly by the Landscape Committee and Architectural Control Committee. If the outdoor decoration being reviewed by the committees is owned by a member of one of the two committees, he or she must abstain from voting.


    This Outdoor Decorating Policy is written in accordance with the Sewickley Heights Manor Homes Association's General Regulations Governing Buildings and Grounds. Within this policy the term "Owner's grounds" refers to the grounds located within the Owner's lot on which his/her unit is located. This is a strip of land usually less than 3 feet wide which runs along the outside walls of an Owner's unit. The term "Manor grounds" refers to all areas beyond the Owner’s lot and includes private roadways.


    Throughout the year, including holiday seasons:

    • Decorations are to be of such a size, quantity, appearance, and juxtaposition that they would be considered to be harmonious with, and non-disruptive to, neighboring units.  
    • Decorations must be portable and removable without damaging units.
    • Decorations are permitted only on an Owner’s grounds. Decorations are not permitted on neighboring Owners’ grounds unless the neighbors have coordinated an arrangement.  
    • Decorations are not permitted on Manor grounds.  The exception is the Owner’s lamppost.
    • Decorations cannot interfere with sidewalks, doorways or driveways.
    • Decorations cannot interfere with landscape maintenance work including snow removal.
    • Inflatable yard decorations are not permitted on Owner or Manor grounds.
    • Window boxes are not permitted.  The exception being for the few duplex units in the Manor having a window box on the window directly above the garage door original to the unit.
    • Artificial flowers are not permitted on Owner or Manor grounds.
    • Decorations with sound effects are not permitted on Owner or Manor grounds.
    • Decorations are not permitted on roofs.
    • Permanently installed lighting is not permitted on Owner or Manor grounds or buildings.
    • Awning or umbrella lighting must be turned off by 11:00 PM.

    Holiday seasonal decorations:

    • Holiday seasonal decorations including decorative string lights are permitted from 3 weeks prior to the date of the holiday and must be removed by the second weekend after the holiday.
    • Decorative string lights are only permitted for holidays.
    • Decorative holiday string lights are permitted on Owner’s decks, around Owner’s doors and windows, and on an Owner’s lamppost, but not along the building roof line.
    • Only decorative holiday string lights are permitted to be hung from bushes or trees located within an Owner’s grounds.
    • Holiday lights must be turned off by 11:00 PM.  

    Safety tips for decorations:

    • Unplug all lights before leaving home or going to bed.
    • Use only lights rated for outdoor use, with no exposed wiring.
    • Do not overload electrical circuits.

    SHMHA Winter Weather/Snow Removal Policy

    SEWICKLEY HEIGHTS MANOR-OWNED STREETS will be cleared after the first two inches of snow has accumulated and then every several hours thereafter. This will be done every day of the week. The target time for making sure our private roads are clear for automobile traffic is 7 A.M. Salting the streets will be done on an “as needed” basis, considering present and forecasted weather conditions.

    DRIVEWAYS will be cleared AFTER the streets are completed, the snow has stopped falling and no melting weather is forecast, and no significant accumulation is expected within the next twenty-four hours.

    SIDEWALKS AND STEPS will be cleared after the snow has stopped and there is at least a two-inch accumulation. Sidewalks and steps will not be cleared on holidays or weekends.


    ALEPPO TOWNSHIP-MAINTAINED ROADS are: Sewickley Heights Drive, Rockledge Dr., Sewickley Ridge Drive, Sewickley Ridge Circle and Sewickley Ridge Court. If there are problems with snow removal on these streets, please contact Aleppo Township 412-741-6555 during business hours or call the non-emergency number, 412-369-2200 after hours.


    SPECIAL NEEDS – If a resident needs special snow removal for medical or other circumstances, the SHMHA Office should be so informed, and an attempt will be made to meet those needs.

    Residents are reminded that the Manor has minimal staff and there are 316 driveways and over 200 sidewalks to clear, so please be patient. Please do not park in the roadways since it impedes snow removal and makes your car vulnerable to damage. If a car is parked in the driveway, the driveway will not be plowed. Once the roads are salted, traffic improves the melting process.

    January Board Meeting

    The January Board Meeting will be an Executive Session