• Board of Directors

    Judy Haluka, President

    Sally Shipley, Vice President

    Cathy Cartieri, Treasurer

    Len Kinter, Secretary

    Tom Corbett

    Ruth Darragh

    Tim Miller


    Office Manager, Susan Moran

    Operations Manager, Bob Merriman

    Maintenance Assistant, Jesse Jankowski

  • September, 2018

    October Board Meeting

    October 29, 2018

    6:30 PM, Manor Office




    September 11, 2018


    Maintenance Building Fire

    During the evening hours of September 7, a fire broke out in the Manor maintenance building. The building and its contents are a total loss. The pump house was damaged, although the equipment inside appears to be functional. There was never a risk to residents, homes or to first responders, and there was no hazardous material involvement in the fire. The cause is currently unknown. The Fire Marshall is conducting a standard investigation, and there is no reason to believe that the cause was anything other than accidental.


    All landscaping and maintenance equipment were lost with the exception of two wheel barrows and the landscape trailer. In addition, both Manor trucks were total losses. The Manor does have appropriate insurance to cover the loss, and we are working with the insurance companies on claims and payments. Our current priority is acquiring the equipment necessary to return daily operations to normal. The Board has begun developing three action plans; 1) Immediate Needs 2) Intermediate Term Recover and 3) Long Term Recovery


    Please be patient with us, especially during the short term as we work to restore daily and long-term operations. This is a large undertaking. Be assured that we are working with everyone’s best interest in mind.



    A concern has been raised by a resident that the fertilizer and herbicide that is being applied to Manor property is unsafe. Two products are applied and have been for the past 10+ years. They are CORON 28-0-0 Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizer and EndRun Herbicide. The Health Level Rating of the CORON is a 1 (the lowest rating possible). It can cause minimal skin and eye irritation if it comes in direct contact with your eyes. The Herbicide has a health rating of 2 with health concerns for those with long term exposure without protective equipment (Lark employees). When it is dry it is perfectly safe. Both are approved for Landscape use by all regulating agencies. The Manor utilizes liquid fertilizer rather than granular because it is safer. The Material Safety Data Sheets for both products are readily available for your perusal at the Manor office.


    Both are used to treat common property to maintain the aesthetics of the Manor. Because they are applied to common property “opting out” as individual homeowners is not an option, as it would affect the general appearance of the common property that joins any untreated property.


    I hope that I’ve answered any questions related to either subject. I will update the community as additional information becomes available. Be assured that the Board of Directors is working hard to achieve the best outcomes possible for our community.




    Judy Haluka


    Sewickley Heights Manor Homes Association