• Board of Directors


    Peter Cady, President

    Tim Miller, Vice President

    Norm Diebold, Treasurer

    Hope Harris, Secretary

    Laura Kennedy

    Logan Hammerschmitt

    Dan Telep



    Office Manager, Susan Moran

    Operations Manager, Bob Merriman

    Maintenance Assistant, Cameron Connifey


    Urgent: Information Needed ASAP

    We are compiling an "emergency contact" database for our SHMH community, and are therefore asking for every household's email address and cell phone number in order to email and/or text residents in the event of an emergency or urgent need to contact you. If you do NOT have a cell phone, please provide your landline number and note that it is a landline in your response. Please contact Susan with your information via email (shmha@verizon.net) or phone (412-741-8563). Please know that you will not be contacted via this system for anything other than urgent or emergency circumstances.

    Attention Residents of Sewickley Heights Manor

    Below we are posting the statement received from Ohio Township police regarding the prowler incident on July 8th, 2021:
    "Early on the morning of July 8th, 2021, a white male was observed walking around Sewickley Heights Manor around 4am wearing flip-flops, walking up to various homes in the plan. He then unscrewed several light bulbs from several residences. To be clear, he made no attempt to enter a residence, he did not steal anything, and there certainly was not a home invasion, as some rumors have circulated. Some people have alleged he was armed with a firearm, based on a single publicly released video. We are in possession of several other videos which disprove this hypothesis.
    To date, we have placed the best video we have of the male’s face and build to aid in his identification to our Facebook page and released it to the media. We have several names supplied as possible suspects, but after chasing down the leads, the submitted names were disproven to be the suspect. We have driven through the neighborhood and knocked on doors and spoke with people out walking, and have shown the video to several residents hoping to ID the male, thus far, no one has been able to identify him. In reviewing the videos in totality, given the male’s somewhat deliberate and at times, jerky movements, this could potentially be a case of intoxication or a mental health issue. While we strive to determine who the male is and why he was out at such a late hour, the fact remains, this male did not make an attempt to cause harm to anyone nor their property, and we are absolutely working to identify this male."
    You can view the video and image that the police have released to the public by clicking the links below.
    Any information that may lead to the identification of the individual described in the above statement should be conveyed to the Ohio Township Police: (412) 259-8304

    July 2021




    2021 Pool Season




    The pool is scheduled to open 5/29/21. Registration must be signed by all residents for liability purposes. Registration forms will not be accepted at the pool entrance. They must be returned to the SHMHA office by 5/21/21.



    Pool Hours: 10 A.M. – 8 P.M., 7 days a week unless inclement weather or there is not a pool attendant available to work. Masks must be worn at the gate area.


    Pool rules have been revised to comply with Covid19 requirements. Pool Registration is for permanent residents only and proof of residency may be required. All residents are required to be signed in when entering the pool area. Residents must maintain 6’ social distancing unless from the same household.


    No child under the age of 14 will be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by a responsible guardian, who is at least 18 years of age.


    Guests will be permitted on weekdays only, one per household per day. Guests must be pre-registered and a guest pass must be purchased in advance. Guests will have to sign a waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement before entering. Maximum guests at the pool per day is 10. Guest fee $10/day or purchase 8 and get two free.


    Residents may bring their own chairs since lounges, umbrellas and chairs will be limited, on a first-come basis, and cannot be reserved in advance.


    Do not swim alone.


    No pool use after dark.


    The rule of no glass in the pool area will be strictly enforced.


    There is a designated smoking area.


    The pool area is monitored by cameras.


    Showers will not be available.


    Residents must take any trash home with them, there will be no receptacle.


    Complete Pool Rules Available HERE.






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