• Board of Directors

    Sally Shipley, President

    Tim Miller, Vice President

    Judy Haluka, Treasurer

    Len Kinter, Secretary

    Peter Cady

    Sandra Crapis

    Norm Diebold



    Office Manager, Susan Moran

    Operations Manager, Bob Merriman

    Maintenance Assistant, Cameron Connifey


    June, 2020


    • The pool is scheduled to open 6/8/20. Registration due: 6/4/20. ALL RESIDENTS, 18 YEARS OR OLDER, MUST SIGN THE REGISTRATION FORM, acknowledging the included waiver for liability purposes. Parents may sign for their minor children, but each adult must sign for him/herself. Registration forms must be returned to the SHMHA Office and will not be accepted at the pool entrance. household and comply with all COVID-19 sanitizing requirements, as outlined in CDC guidelines.


    • Pool Hours: 10 A.M. – 8 P.M., 7 days a week unless inclement weather or there is no pool attendant available to work. The pool cannot be open without an attendant, due to enforcement of CDC guidelines.


    • Pool Registration, Pool Rules and Tennis Rules enclosed. Pool rules have been revised to comply with COVID-19 requirements. Pool Registration is for permanent residents only and will not be accepted at the pool. Proof of residency may be required. To reduce touching, the gate will be open. All residents are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the pool area but not while in the water. During the pandemic yellow phase, no more than 25 persons will be allowed in the pool area at any one time. Pool use time will be limited to two hours unless there is no one waiting admittance. If the Commonwealth or County changes to Phase Red, the pool will be closed.


    • Residents must maintain 6’ social distancing unless from the same household.


    • Due to COVID- 19, no guests will be allowed.


    • Due to COVID-19, residents will not be permitted to sit on the pool edge.


    • Residents must bring their own chairs. Lounges, umbrellas and chairs will not be provided. The garage will be closed. Bring your own drinking water. If you bring noodles, rafts, etc. they cannot be shared and they must be taken home. Anything left at the pool will be promptly discarded. There will not be a trash receptacle. Any trash must be taken home by the resident.


    • Pool Attendant will be monitoring the gate to allow a maximum of 25 residents to be admitted. Those waiting entrance to the pool must maintain a 6’ social distancing along the fence.


    • No child under the age of 14 will be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by a responsible guardian, who must be at least 18 years of age.


    • The rule of no glass in the pool area will be strictly enforced.


    • Designated smoking area is available outside the pool gate. Maintain social distancing when using this area.


    • The pool area is monitored by cameras.


    Full revised pool rules for 2020 can be found here


    SHMHA cannot police these rules.
    Residents using the pool are responsible to

    adhere to SHMHA Rules and Regulations
    and to the CDC guidelines for HOA swimming pools.




    Trash and Recycling for Aleppo Township

    Effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020, Waste Management has instituted

    some temporary changes to their service:

    All trash/refuse must be bagged & sealed (and wherever possible) placed in containers.


    All recyclable materials must be placed inside recycling bin (including cardboard).


    Bulk Collection – furniture, carpet, mattresses, appliances, etc. has been suspended.



    The Office is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

    Please call or email instead of visiting the office.


    412 741 8563

    Bee Spray 2020

    As a service to the residents and to obtain a group rate, the Board approved a contract with Four Seasons Exterminating for exterior spraying of the homes for nesting of bees and wasps.

    The treatment is guaranteed against the nesting of bees and wasps outside the homes through 11/1.

    The group rate depends on at least 50 participants. The cost of the spray is $42 for a town house and $85 for a duplex or single-family home. If you have submitted your check and it hasn't been cashed,

    it is because we will wait for 50 participants before depositing.

    If your home is being painted, the spray will be delayed until after the painting is finished.

    If you are a Minnock tenant, they have paid for the treatment.



    As soon as we can find a date and venue that will comply with CDC guidelines

    for large gatherings, we will announce the date and place.


    Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.


    2019 SHMHA Audited Financial Statements